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Fencing – The Modern Sport
Fencing is a modern sport developed from the sword fighting techniques of old.  In the modern sport there are three different weapons, the foil, epee and sabre each of which have different rules and conventions.  Fencers wear protective clothing and the sport is very safe.  The sport demands discipline and control and is both highly technical and energetic.  There are regular competitions for all ages and standards of fencers.

The Club – When & Where
Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club provides training and tuition at foil, epee and sabre for fencers of all ages and for some years has been one of the strongest and most successful fencing clubs in the region.  The sessions run from 7.00pm to 10.00pm on Wednesday nights in the Gym at Birkdale School, Oakholme Road, Broomhill, Sheffield S10 3DH.  The training is under the direction of the coach Adam Blight with the assistance of the other coaches.  A full range of equipment is provided for fencers who do not possess their own. Club sessions begin with a warm up and footwork session followed by general fencing, training exercises and individual lessons.  The club is generally very well attended by fencers of all ages abilities and weapons, ensuring that everybody will have appropriate partners to train and fence with.


Sheffield Open

Sheffield Buccaneers welcomes those who are new to the sport and runs regular beginners courses.  For details of the latest course, check out the beginners page of the website.  We aim to offer beginners a comprehensive introduction to fencing at the session on Wednesday nights.  Anyone who is interested in learning to fence is very welcome to come to the club before signing up for a beginners course.

Young Fencers
This session is for young fencers from the age of 7 upwards and runs from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.  The session will involve a wide variety of fencing exercises and games, instruction in all aspects of the sport, individual coaching, competitions etc.  Sheffield Buccaneers is very keen to develop youth fencing and youth members regularly participate in competitions at weekends.  Buccaneers fencers achieve good results in Regional, National and International Youth Events.  Young Fencers from the club have, over the years, won many youth competitions and championships.  Any child who wishes to take up fencing is very welcome to join the youth group.

Adult Fencers
Sheffield Buccaneers offers fencing and coaching to a high standard at foil, epee and sabre. Adult fencers enter a wide range of competitions, and those fencers who regularly compete can receive individual coaching from the coaches at all three weapons.  Amongst the adult fencers who train at the club are a number of Yorkshire Champions and regular members of Yorkshire and National squads.  Fencers from this club have over the years achieved top results at Regional, National and International level, including qualifying to compete in the 2012 London Olympics!

If you have any questions, contact Adam Blight – 0114 2738681/07761 284378 or buccaneers@adamblight.plus.com


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