Yorkshire Youth League 2011 – Sheffield – Results

Place Name Club
  Under 16 Boys Foil  
1 Alex Spencer-Taylor QEGS
2 Thomas Clement Leeds FC
3= Joseph Stoodley Doncaster FC
3= Matthew Hill Sheffield Buccaneers
5 David Nehaul Woodhouse Grove
6 Archie Charlesworth Barnsley FC
  Under 16 Boys Epee  
1 Robert Galtrey Harrogate FC
2 Alex Spencer-Taylor QEGS
  Under 16 Boys Sabre  
1 Daniel Oakey Sheffield Sword Club
  Under 16 Girls Foil  
1 Ceri Linton Barnsley FC
  Under 16 Girls Epee  
1 Sadie Greetham Harrogate FC
2 Shannon Sweeney Mary Hawdon FC
3 Kayleigh Sugden Skipton FC
  Under 14 Boys Foil  
1 Edward Winney Louth FC
2 Nathan Doherty Sheffield Buccaneers
3= Alex Wakeman Sheffield Buccaneers
3= Harry Helliwell Sheffield Buccaneers
5 Spencer Leadbeater Mount St Mary’s
6 Abd El Rahim Brown Sheffield Buccaneers
7 Alexander Bolton Doncaster FC
8 Oliver Powis Harrogate FC
9 George Clarke Mylnhurst
10 Oliver Court Mont St Mary’s
11 James Weaver Leeds FC
12 Luke Whyman Mount St Mary’s
13 Peter Gallagher Barnsley FC
  Under 14 Boys Sabre  
1 Nathan Jopling Doncaste FC
2 Niall Egan KPWFC
3 Elliot Nunn Grimsby FC
  Under 14 Girls Foil  
1 Amber Moss Louth FC
2 Emma Kurtis Hymers College
3= Emily Goolden Louth FC
3= Lucy Kurtis Hymers College
5 Cara Chambers Barnsley FC
6 Niamh Steed Isle of Axholme
7 Cassie Barlow-Hall Skipton FC
  Under 14 Girls Epee  
1 Megan Horbury Skipton FC
2 Chloe Hamilton Yorkshire MPAGB
3 Anna Jeal Harrogate FC
  Under 14 Girls Sabre  
1 DevonWhitely KPWFC
2 Libby Barlow-Hall Skipton
  Under 12 Boys Foil  
1 James Haynes Bridlington Blades
2 Morgan Webster Louth FC
3= Connor Webster Louth FC
3= Ethan Wong Royal Armouries
5 Barnaby Drew QEGS
6 Solomon Wilkinson Bradford FC
7 Thomas Baycroft MCFC
8 Joseph Chambers Barnsley FC
9 Henry Wigfull Sheffield Buccaneers
10 Alaster Wain QEGS
11 Patric Lam Hymers College
12 Billy Shepherd Skipton FC
13 Harry Montgomery Louth FC
14 Finley Wilson Bradford FC
15 Kosmas Eleftheriou Mount St Mary’s
16 James Egan QEGS
17 Elliot Morley Mount St Mary’s
  Under 12 Girls Foil  
1 Isabel Bunola-Hadfield Hymers College
2 Elena Bunola-Hadfield Hymers College
  Under 10 Foil  
1 Ben Coetser Kiveton FC
2 Robert Kemp Louth FC
3= James Jeal Harrogate FC
3= Laura Jeal Harrogate FC
5 Georgia Haynes Bridlington Blades
6 Charles Wigfull Sheffield Buccaneers
7 Sam Blaggs Kiveton FC
8 Oliver Goolden Louth FC
9 Charles Haynes Bridlington Blades
10 Joshua Hawgood Phoenix FC

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  1. hi thanks for the mention it was a pleasure fighting for yourkshire

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